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  • China's Richest Village
    Socialism has successfully incorporated nasty western economics and produced a community where everyone is rich.

  • Jiufen - Boom, Bust, Boom
    Jiufen’s second boom came in the form of tourism, set off from a most unlikely source.

  • Jilin - Quick, While It's Still Warm
    For it eventually dawns on even the most career-oriented foreigner that a huge socio-cultural divide separates North and South China.

  • Moganshan - Weary Thee With Summer Pleasure
    Don't speak to us of being born naked and belonging to the forest unless crapping in the bushes and killing an animal for its hide are your preferred ways of getting back to nature.

  • Zhangye - A Place of Power
    The reverberations of all that ancient hustle and bustle, sturm und drang, totally messes with your vibe, man.

  • Hubei's High Places
    China has hotter places, more humid, more polluted, but none with Wuhan’s center-of-China convection effect, as if the city were drawing the rest of the country’s excess sultriness.

  • China's Newest City - It's in the South China Sea
    It means much more than squat to China, but then again a Hummer is still a mark of distinction here, rather than a target of derision.

  • Traveling Like a Chinese Millionaire
    No super-rich points in Sanya unless you’re on a super-yacht anchored a few hundred yards offshore, with coked-up Euro-trash dancing to trance-hop on the poop deck.

  • Beihai - Yes, Beihai
    One day, and that day may never come, but if you’re a frequent flier then it well may: what happens when you at last tire from the wallowing, self-indulgent rut of Samui, Kuta, Poipu? Where do you go then?

  • The Hani - All Natural at Work and Play
    Maybe it’s that much easier to be one with the land when the land is as gentle as Honghe.