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  • China's Newest City - It's in the South China Sea
    It means much more than squat to China, but then again a Hummer is still a mark of distinction here, rather than a target of derision.

  • Traveling Like a Chinese Millionaire
    No super-rich points in Sanya unless you’re on a super-yacht anchored a few hundred yards offshore, with coked-up Euro-trash dancing to trance-hop on the poop deck.

  • Beihai - Yes, Beihai
    One day, and that day may never come, but if you’re a frequent flier then it well may: what happens when you at last tire from the wallowing, self-indulgent rut of Samui, Kuta, Poipu? Where do you go then?

  • The Hani - All Natural at Work and Play
    Maybe it’s that much easier to be one with the land when the land is as gentle as Honghe.

  • Wuyi - Potable Chinese Nature
    A palace where emperors used to offer sacrifices to Lord Wuyi still exists, the way Abraham Lincoln still exists in Disney’s Hall of Presidents.