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  • China's Bob Dylan
    The Internets are a-flurry with compilations of the best songs of the first decade of the twenty-first century. Which makes a China expat wonder, "Did they ever get around to vetting the best Chinese songs of the 20th century?" If so, no dou

  • The Tragic Story of Chang Yu Sheng
    A rock n’ roller who changed the lives of millions of young people, only to lose his own. Elvis, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Sam Cooke, Ian Curtis, and other stars who changed the face of popular music before dying young are a well-known pantheon.

  • Lang Lang and the Five Requirements for Early Greatness
    Everyone sees the diamond sparkle; only a few see the diamond being cut. Millions of Chinese parents saw Lang Lang front and center at the Opening Ceremonies.

  • Top of the Mandopops
    You can run, but you can't hide from pop music hits. Pity the expat who thinks he might find sanctuary in China. Even if you struggle to the summit of Huangshan, you'll be sharing the view with a coed playing "Superstar" on her cell phone.

  • Guns 'N Roses "Chinese Democracy" - Axl Rose Sings Mao's Little Red Book When Played Backwards
    -by Chris Devonshire EllisThe much hyped new CD from LA band Guns 'N Roses is now out - and available on download only at present. The only reason we're featuring this news is because the soon-to-be-released CD cover is cool, and some of ou