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  • Wind from the East
    We have seen these ideals revived today among the Occupy Movements and calls for Horizontal Democracy that have emerged in response to the global economic crisis.

  • Chinese Table Manners
    The host helps himself last of all. If the chief guest, for any reason, should replace his chopsticks without taking anything from the dish, the other guests must do likewise.

  • Niels Bohr and His Chinese Coat-of-Arms
    Niels Bohr was well aware of the parallel between his concept of complementarity and Chinese thought.

  • China Moments
    Cultural clashes occurred nonstop; we called them “China moments.”

  • Judge Dee and the Poison Plums
    Your Honour had then connected Dark Orchid’s report about the General’s fourth wife having had an unsightly mole on her breast, with the reference in Ding’s poem!

  • Ways That Are Dark - Ralph Townsend's Shanghai
    They hold the nets against the ship’s drains, and when anything that was once food issues forth they catch it in the nets and handle it down to their sampans.

  • Heroes of Sinology, Part I
    They gave their energies to exploring China’s finest and dustiest treasures when few gave a hoot in hell about the Sick Man of Asia.

  • China…..Yesterday and Today: 1984 vs. 2011
    In 2011,Changchun and Qingdao have a school called “Early MBA”. I would love to sit in on a class. Can 3 to 5 year olds REALLY LEARN AND DISCUSS SERIOUS GLOBAL CURRENT EVENTS LIKE DEBT CEILINGS, LIBYA, GLOBAL WARMING AND THE INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND?

  • Why China Will Never Rule the World
    Parfitt has blasted a new watershed in the mountain of China writing, with the first Post-PC China travel book.

  • Red Journalism
    Nearly a score of Chinese Communists were arrested and dragged shrieking down Legation Street and out into the Chinese city.