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  • So Long, and Thanks for All the Spam Links!
    “Someone had to go through the storerooms and dust off the Chinese tchotchkes, you mug!” I respond, pre factum.

  • Must-Reads for the Chinese Anglophile
    Who Should Read ? Any Chinese woman married to a “businessman”.

  • Silhouettes of Peking
    Peking tires me, everything here is just a bit rotten. There are no real Chinese and the sight of all the round heads to which modern ideas have fitted that great invention of this century, the bowler, makes me sick.

  • Dogs and Chinese Not Allowed
    The park existed for many years before it occurred to any Chinese that they should be admitted.

  • Scenes from Old Hong Kong
    The two Indian guards on board who were armed with rifles, put up a fight, but they were taken by surprise and were shot and then dumped over the side.

  • A Casual Proposal
    'I am the Queen Awouchin of Lotien,' she said with an easy grace. 'I always wanted to see your house,' she added in a lovely, silvery voice.

  • Chinese Miracles
    This was something else, the sort of thing the stranger sees in horror movies rising from the wisps of fog – a vision of the weird city, weirdly lit.

  • A River Not Dammed
    During the whole of my trip, I, in my ridiculous foreign dress, never heard an uncivil word from one of them.

  • Coming Out to China
    “It wasn’t a ‘she’,” I answered. “My lover was a man.” “You?” he responded with wide –eyed wonder. “And your lover, he wore the dress and earrings?”

  • Death in Tibet
    They skinned the antelope, undressed Aldat, and wrapped the still warm skin, hairy side out, closely round the sick man’s body.