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  • Her Verses: Modern Chinese Female Poets
    Her poem “Serves You Right, Turkeys!” compares the Chinese people to a flock of filthy, noisy, helpless turkeys destined to poverty, backwardness, and extinction.

  • China's Rabble-Rousing Poets
    The Chinese government can’t be doing that badly by its people, if viewed as the successor of a round score’s ruling dynasties. Otherwise, where are all the sublime poets bellyaching about it in verse?

  • Dagu - Old Chinese Rap
    Someday, sooner or later, believe it or not, people will learn about their ancestors listening to rap and think, "How ridiculous!" No blaspheme intended: it happens to even the noblest art forms.

  • Tao Yuanming - No Time to Be Busy
    Busy-ness is a universal faith. The first article of busyness proclaims that the more busy you are, the more justified your existence. The second, only busyness will bring you enough money and status to calm the raging ego, to bring peace and

  • The Simple Wisdom of Meiyao Chen
    Mei Yaochen's successful friend Xiu Ouyang True words are not fancy And fancy words are not true - Dao De Jing If we haven't unlearned one thing, it's our respect for obscurity.

  • Modern Poetry in China : A Shimmering Window
    Why did poetry enjoy such reverence in highly cultured times, the Tang, Hellenic Greece, the Ottoman period? Because no one had TV or the Internet? Probably.