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  • A Bargain of a Wife
    “I’ve been sold six times. If you decide to sell me, it’ll be seven. Are you going to? If you are, you might as well do it here and save the trouble of making the round-trip. This town has a market. Do you want to sell me or not?”

  • Desperate Housewife
    As soon as they settled in, a friend in town told her that Fan was rumored to have married another wife in Shenyang, and people thought that was why Grandma had to move further away from the city, to “make room” for the second wife.

  • Foreigners at the Front Gate
    That evening Vautrin saw women being carted away in the streets and heard their desperate pleas. A truck went by with eight to ten girls, and as it passed she heard them scream, “Jiu Ming! Jiu Ming! (Save our lives!)”

  • Northern Girls
    Predictably, Hong’s bosom was most prominent among all the hotel employees.

  • The Glasses
    Of what earthly use could a pair of near-sighted glasses be to a rickshaw man?

  • Begging for Happiness
    “American is very dangerous, isn’t it? It’s a place where dragons and fish are jumbled together."

  • A Thief Talks
    “Zhang Shouchen must be rich with that fur jacket of his and an overcoat and otter-skin cap.” He didn’t know that we lived in one room without a stick of furniture, only a mat on the kang, not even a quilt!

  • End of the Revolution
    That was why, ever since the Communists took over in 1949, Mao hadn’t stopped making fake smoke over fake fires.

  • Butterfly Lovers
    Heaven must have been smiling on them, allowing them to get away with stealing these forbidden fruits, at a time when boys and girls were not allowed to spend time in each other’s company.

  • The Wisdom and Magic of Mandarin
    How can you say you hate the study of Chinese when you are Chinese yourself? Go look in the mirror if you have any doubts!