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  • Brothers in Verse: Two Legends of Tang Poetry
    I was fifteen before I could smile...

  • Old Bones and Broken Feet
    He had the graves opened and found there two dried skeletons, which were all that remained.

  • Cao Zhi's Poetic Affair
    Whether or not the immortal Cao Cao’s son, Cao Zhi, slept with his sister-in-law…okay, he probably did.

  • The Dragon Sutras
    Tibet always has been and always will be a part of China, but just to make sure the Tibetans were cool with that, Chinese kings employed every means to forge solidarity.

  • Strange Tales from a Chinese Studio
    Chinese masses, like all masses, past and present, want their ghosts, gore and scandalous romance.

  • The Painted Skin
    Softly creeping up, he looked through the window and saw a hideous devil, with a green face and jagged teeth like a saw, spreading a human skin upon the bed and painting it with a paint brush.

  • The Blue Faced Beast Battles in the Northern Capital
    Outlaws of the Marsh is the paradigm on which Chinese machismo, and all those overblown Zhang Yimou movies, are patterned.

  • A Biography of the Old Drunkard
    -by Yuan Heng Tao The Old Drunkard - no one knows where he comes from. Nor has he told anyone his name. Since he's always drunk, I call him the Old Drunkard.

  • Daoqing: Tales from Blind Men
    The Yellow River is the Mother River, and her children fought endless battles in the western reaches, where She divides desert from loess. The harsh land soon destroyed all trace of their warfare, but daoqing, a special style of storytellin

  • The Yi Jing Guide to 2010
    This is not the future our childhood cartoons promised us. We're enslaved by the machines that were supposed to free us, and endangered by the war technique that was supposed to keep us safe.