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  • Desperate Housewife
    As soon as they settled in, a friend in town told her that Fan was rumored to have married another wife in Shenyang, and people thought that was why Grandma had to move further away from the city, to “make room” for the second wife.

  • Scenes from Old Hong Kong
    The two Indian guards on board who were armed with rifles, put up a fight, but they were taken by surprise and were shot and then dumped over the side.

  • Foreigners at the Front Gate
    That evening Vautrin saw women being carted away in the streets and heard their desperate pleas. A truck went by with eight to ten girls, and as it passed she heard them scream, “Jiu Ming! Jiu Ming! (Save our lives!)”

  • A Casual Proposal
    'I am the Queen Awouchin of Lotien,' she said with an easy grace. 'I always wanted to see your house,' she added in a lovely, silvery voice.

  • Chinese Miracles
    This was something else, the sort of thing the stranger sees in horror movies rising from the wisps of fog – a vision of the weird city, weirdly lit.