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  • Dangerous Thinking - Early Qing Intellectuals
    Ideas have little currency in times when any fool can broadcast his to the world, almost any idea, even on China’s Twitter, Sina Weibo.

  • The Emperor's Horses
    Li Shi Min was Chinese enough to lead the Chinese, yet close enough to the nomads to lead the Turkic tribes who regularly threatened border areas in the northwest.

  • The Chinese Abroad: Myanmar
    The West so far seems immune to the hefty political clout that inevitably grows in transplanted Chinese communities. Perhaps there is another brainy minority there that uses craft to make up for numbers, in the Game of Votes.

  • Qingmings Past and Present
    636 BCE Duke Wen orders the first day to honor a dead person, his faithful servant Jie. Ironic, considering the Duke had burned both Jie and his mother alive.

  • Anshun - Ancient Grudge, New Harmony
    If you visited Anshun today and were told this was an ancient Miao stronghold, you’d see no reason not to believe it. The people of Anshun still have their eastern Chinese accents, but aside from that, they’ve become hill dwellers, and gone Miao as much as Miao have gone Han.