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  • Black Chicken Power
    In all objective terms, the black chicken, an wuji in China, a Silkie elsewhere, is the go-to bird.

  • Three Chinese Side Acts
    Someone's a few seconds away from being converted to doufu ru. Wow, that's quite a puddle of ketchup you've got with your French fries there.

  • Boycott Oil, Full Steam Ahead
    One learns to deal with China's culinary pitfalls, because the rewards are great. Cat meat instead of lamb? Stop buying yangrouchuanr on the street. Newspaper-stuffed baozi? Start having zhou for breakfast.

  • China's Snack Streets
    There's so much to see, and eat, in China that it's a shame to waste too much time in big, fancy restaurants. The fawning wait-staff and death-sentenced fish in their tanks will take the edge off the keenest appetite.

  • Six Chinese Tea Mixes
    Pills don't heal, nature does. Alright, we're not saying pills are useless, but it should be acknowledged that even the cleverest medicine, say Viagra, is a synthetic compound mimicking more natural substances.