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  • Snowflower and the Secret Fan
    Laotong contracts, secret Nu Shu writing, and the binding of feet are all interwoven with modern Hong Kong life in the film version of Lisa See’s book of the same title.

  • The Wheel of Time
    In Wheel of Time, Werner gives us what Werner was born to give, home movies more intimate than an inappropriate uncle’s.

  • Sex & Zen- 3D Ancient Erotica
    It’s a funny thing about sex in China. After all, there’s a reason this is the most populous nation; the number one indoor sport is not ping pong.

  • Run Run Shaw: a Truly Rich Man
    In the meantime, he continues to build a legacy which proves our maxim: for the truly rich, it’s not about making money, but making a difference.

  • How Chaplin Charmed China
    His effect on and visit to China speak volumes about how little the China-Western cultural paradigm has changed, and how little it matters.