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  • Digg This: You Crashed China Expat
    Last Friday I put up a post that seemed to be nothing special. Nonetheless it ended up crashing China Expat. It was questioning whether the hype around China’s booming economic, and potential to take over the international economy, was similar t

  • Is China the Next Japan?
    For years economists have wondered whether the inevitable rising power of China was similar to Japan in the 1980s. If you remember (and that requires you to be over 22), people used to think that Japan was an unstoppable beast destined to take over th

  • What if the RMB and Dollar were the Same...
    Today the Renminbi broke the 7.5 barrier against the dollar. Given that the Canadian dollar recently reached parity with its southern counterpart, I started to wonder what a one-to-one dollar-Yuan ratio would mean for prices here.

  • Why I love Gentrifcation
    A store in my Beijing neighborhood shut down a few weeks ago, and it has left me wondering if I should be so happy about it. The place was sort of like a supermarket, except it had nothing good—at all.

  • Blogging on China Bloggers
    Yesterday’s AmCham event ‘Under the Digital Influence’ gave an excellent overview of the internet scene in China. There were two panels, the first entitled “Decoding China's Internet Scene” and the second “The Business of Blogging.