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  • The Beauty of Chinese Classical Music: Part I
    Chinese classical music is not frivolous or simply enjoyable - it is the essence of sublimation.

  • Waist-Drumming, A New Year Ritual
    Northern Shanxi manages to remain as close to the earth and skin of the teeth as when it served as terminus to the Long March.

  • Kunqu Cliff Notes
    Valuable takeaways of Kunqu’s most famous works, for whatever few pieces of insight into the Chinese soul that Kungfu Panda missed.

  • Shanghai's Art Festival: Much Needed Humanities
    Up next, a Broadway musical in which everyone gets their money back from the Wall Street bagmen and Capitol Hill quislings.

  • Crosstalk
    The only foreigners who get into it are youngsters looking to win Mandarin competitions. Xiangsheng, or crosstalk, reflects the soul of Chinese wit. It relies heavily on puns, allusions, and double entendres, so that only native speakers laugh at

  • The Acrobats of Wuqiao
    Only boxers and ballet dancers can really understand what they go through. In a large, empty, dawn-lit room of the Wuqiao Acrobatic School, a cluster of children, six to sixteen years old, push their bodies to do the impossible.

  • An Alternative to Booze and Bands
    Bryson Lang brings itBeijing's glitterati have been flaunting the city's nightlife options for years. "We have both kinds of music - house AND hip hop," they'll tell you.

  • Three Tough Ladies, One New Play
    Scene from Heroine TrilogyLet's hear it for composer Guo Wenjing and director Li Liuyi, who are updating Peking Opera with modern staging and effects. Their production Heroine Trilogy, centered around the lives of three of China's historica

  • Zhang Yimou's Cinematic Ballet
    Besides classical music, ballet is a traditionally Western art form being reinvigorated by Chinese talent and perspectives. China's National Ballet is winding up its performance of Raise the Red Lantern at the National Center for the Perfor

  • New York’s’ Juilliard Orchestra Wows Beijing
    The Juilliard Orchestra completed their first visit to China in 21 years on Sunday evening with a riveting performance at the new National Centre for the Performing Arts.