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  • Scars & Stars - The Greatest Chinese Contemporary Art
    Those most stricken who survived the Cultural Revolution still walk among us now.

  • Red Road
    Those who would understand China’s split national personality must start with the color red.

  • Never Mind Waldo - Here's Liu Bolin
    Maybe if Liu Bolin were photo-shopping his work, then the future McDonald's manager would have a point.

  • Hu Ming's Army
    People are the only resource that matter, China. Half our resources are underutilized – put it that way.

  • Moving Image in China (1988-2011)
    Our realities are forged moment-to-moment on a two-dimensional screen.

  • Before the Bird's Nest
    So here’s a tribute to that small, bright window of Chinese architecture, when designers played as wildly as kids expecting a birthday party.

  • First Art, then Great Art
    They’re a lesbian goddess couple, right? Sharing their bounty with the aid of diminutive but enlightened beings?

  • Women's Art - Green Power
    To that end, Beijing’s Imagine Gallery presents Nu Yishu – Viriditas.

  • Liu Xiaodong Goes Home
    That place that belonged to you is gone. And to see the old gang in their new plumage is downright creepy, when you think about it, high school reunion meets invasion of the body snatchers.

  • The Patience of Xu Jianguo
    What if we told you the picture above is only a tiny fragment, that the entire work is actually 6 meters tall and 47 meters wide?