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  • First Art, then Great Art
    They’re a lesbian goddess couple, right? Sharing their bounty with the aid of diminutive but enlightened beings?

  • China Culture Day and the Monkey King
    Now why would the UN, Quixotic crusader for world peace and brotherhood, want us to contemplate monkeys on China Culture Day?

  • Enough Snuff
    Snuff bottle from Beijing's 18th Century Imperial WorkshopsLooking for a way to kick that nasty smoking habit? Try snorting your tobacco, the way nature and the aboriginal Americans who first grew it intended.

  • China's Forgotten Women Poets
    Be they wandering drunks, stately mandarins, or navel-gazing monks, Chinese poets have long been presented as a men's club, and little wonder. Up until the last hair's width on China's timeline, literate women were rarer than

  • Zhu Da - Nanchang's One in Thirteen Hundred
    The problem with being a great historical city or a great historical figure in China is the same problem with being a great Chinese student. Even if you're one in a million, there are 1330 just like you.