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  • 2009 – the Year of Free Culture
    Tongli Sex MuseumSay one of your New Year's resolutions is to finally learn a bit more about China's rich past. Or perhaps you'd like to find some free entertainment more edifying than TV.

  • The Art Games Begin
    Believe it or not, some of those who reside in Beijing are put off by the sports fever about to grip their city. What are games, they ask, compared to the arts? What can Olympic revelry offer the sensitive soul?If you sympathize, then stop sniffi

  • Rainbow2a – What To Expect From The Olympics Opening Ceremony
    It's common knowledge that the Chinese invented gunpowder, and then took to using it for both displays in the form of fireworks, and also for military applications.

  • East Meets Eden
    Back from Fishing You can't reach paradise without braving the unknown. All the world's sweetest spots, the ones where man has only to enjoy the sunshine and wait for ripe fruit to fall, lie far past the view from a continent's shores.

  • Xie Qi, Sichuan Abstracts
    Xie Qi is from Chongqing and has rapidly gained prominence with her thought-provok ing, yet understated abstracts. A graduate of the Sichuan School of fi ne arts, she has exhib ited in the US as well as consistently in China.

  • The Fantastic Worlds of Fan Jia
    The environs of 798 tell as much about the state of Chinese Contemporary Art as anything actually on display inside its galleries. Everything comfortable and familiar has been jackhammered to oblivion, to make way for international-five-star-luxury-

  • A Forgotten Present: Li Wei’s Inner Mongolia
    Born 140 years ago, Edward S. Curtis came of age in a society that saw the camera as a symbol of modern times. But his passion for photography lay in chronicling the obsolete Native American culture.

  • Three Rising Chinese Art Stars
    With today’s top Chinese contemporary artists’ work selling well into the millions, the art world is abuzz with rumors of a bubble. Imminent correction or no, the mid to long term looks very rosy for the few Chinese artists that manage to elbow t

  • Blossoming Selfhood - Artist Yi Hui
    To look at the Chinese contemporary art currently dominating international auctions, one might think political dissent its primary theme. After all, Yue Minjun’s Execution, a piece openly mocking government power, sold for close to 3 million pounds

  • Yue Minjun Laughs First and Last
    In the era of reform after the Glorious Leader’s death, a band of Chinese artists dared to depart from Social Realism and let the light of individualism shine through their work.