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  • Waist-Drumming, A New Year Ritual
    Northern Shanxi manages to remain as close to the earth and skin of the teeth as when it served as terminus to the Long March.

  • Kunqu Cliff Notes
    Valuable takeaways of Kunqu’s most famous works, for whatever few pieces of insight into the Chinese soul that Kungfu Panda missed.

  • China Expat Book Now Available Free on iPad
    China Expat’s highly popular recent book is now available for free download on your iPad!

  • Saving Vase in China
    Ancient of lineage, exquisitely crafted, antique Chinese porcelain glows with character that the most whimsical, rebellious contemporary Chinese artist is hard put to rival.

  • Shanghai's Art Festival: Much Needed Humanities
    Up next, a Broadway musical in which everyone gets their money back from the Wall Street bagmen and Capitol Hill quislings.