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  • Drinking for Guanxi
    If there's an aspect of Chinese communal life that hasn't been formalized into ritual, we've yet to find it. Even the apparent chaos of Chinese queuing springs from an ancient Shang Period decree, later cribbed by Aleister Crowley - "Do a

  • A Quick Guide to Chinese Liquor
    "Only wine can soothe my sorrow. "-From the poem Duan'gexing by Cao CaoOK, we Chinese have been good sports. We've indulged your fanatical delusion that fermented grape juice is the pinnacle of gracious living.

  • The Miracle of Xinjiang Wines - Cultivating the most inhospitable desert on earth
    Some of China's best wines - and China makes a lot of wine - are from Xinjiang Province. Forget the posturings of Great Wall, Dragon Seal and the often quite dreadful ‘surprise' one can find in a bottle, Xinjiang Wines are in a leagu

  • What is it with Great Wall Wine & Chinese Government Conferences ?
    (Written by guest blogger Chris Devonshire-Ellis). Being in the somewhat dubious position of attending various seminars, conferences, events and round tables with a variety of different wings of the Chinese Government, from local level to the occas