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  • Shanghai lies to the Mid-East coast of China, half way between Hong Kong and Beijing and a two hour flight from either. Massive and fast paced development over the past 20 years has turned it into a dynamic, international city and it very much has a 'can do will do' attitude that marks it out from the rest of China. Closely sited next to the major cities of Nanjing, Suzhou, Ningbo, and strategically next to the manufacturing areas of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui Provinces, Shanghai is often the obvious first choice for many international businessmen to visit to 'get the feel' for what's going on here. Shanghai is developing fast and while still a bit away from the internationalization of Hong Kong, is catching up fast. Nearly all of the worlds major hotel chains are here so take your pick.

Shanghai City Guide

  • 1930s Jazz Waltzes Under Shanghai’s Bund
    Now that Shanghai’s Peace Hotel has been renovated in spectacular style, and the famous Jazz band lovingly re-installed, its time to reminisce about other aspects of Shanghai just close by that have now sadly been lost forever.

  • Shanghai Expo Fun Facts
    Oh, to be in the middle of it all...The Shanghai Expo, like communism and time shares, looks great on paper, but you don't want to actually experience it.

  • Old Shanghai: A Rogue's Gallery
    Them's the berries, see? M'yeah.You think today's Shanghai is tough? Ahh, applesauce. You're all wet, see? Nowadays, any foreigner in a knock-off suit with a fluffed-up resume can land a marketing gig that pays enough for a

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