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The Beauty of Chinese Classical Music: Part I

Chinese classical music is not frivolous or simply enjoyable – it is the essence of sublimation. Continue reading

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A Mongolian Summer

Going in Search of the Original Horse Meat Steak Tartar – and How To Cook A Camel Continue reading

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Chris Devonshire-Ellis in New Lonely Planet Guide

Chris Devonshire-Ellis, founder and patron of China Expat, has been recognized in the new Lonely Planet Guide to Mongolia Continue reading

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Shanghai Gynecological Hospital

Outstanding. No further comment is necessary, really. Continue reading

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James Bond 007 Skyfall: It’s Set in Shanghai

The new James Bond film Skyfall, starring Daniel Craig, is to be mainly set in Shanghai and Macau. Continue reading

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Five Grassland Getaways

There are realists, and there are dreamers. When it comes to national holidays in China, such as the week-long one starting tomorrow, realists outweigh dreamers by nine to one. Continue reading

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Three Chinese May Holiday Escapes

One view of Qiandao LakeThis year in China, national holidays have been divvied up. A transportation system, once pushed to collapse by hundreds of millions on their week-long odysseys, will now whistle along a mere hundred million or so. Continue reading

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With Respects to Michael Connelly

Michael Connelly – a gentleman and a great soul Continue reading

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Human Glider Flies through Hunan Mountain

Congratulations and insanity awards aplenty go to American wingsuit flier Jeb Corliss, who flew unaided at close to 80 mph through a hole in Tianmen Mountain. Continue reading

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British China Opium War Campaign Medals

One of the legacies of being foreign in China is the dark history that immediately preceded the rise of modern history. Continue reading

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