• China Expat is a cultural and literary forum for expatriates interested in China and has been published by Asia Briefing Ltd since 2001. The sites resident China culture writers have included such expatriate luminaries as Chris Devonshire-Ellis, Graham Thompson, Josh Gartner and now Ernie Diaz.
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About China Expat

China Expat is owned by Asia Briefing Ltd and was originally founded by Chris Devonshire-Ellis in 2001. He continues to personally support the sites costs and expenses. Designed as a platform for expatriate literary, travel, and cultural understanding and discussions, the site has attracted some of the best foreign expatriate writers in contemporary China, including Graham Thompson, Josh Garter, and currently Ernie Diaz. All have subsequently gone on to have significant works published elsewhere after cutting their teeth on China Expat. The site content is a mixture of adventure travel, getting out and about into some of China’s more remote areas, as well as exploring aspects of rural and urban Chinese culture that may not be immediately apparent to the casual observer. Chinese history and culture are also explored and discussed first hand and in detail.

China Expat was the first online website to feature a comprehensive list of Chinese cities, a feature we have recently updated today, and retains its reputation as a more serious, yet fun read for the professional expatriate interested in Chinese culture and travel. This is not a site devoted to gossip, scandal or expatriate innuendo. We do however recommend using the search function to find specific pieces by author, region of China, or area of culture. Comments to online articles are welcome.

We also welcome contributions from individuals who would like to see their work published. Please contact editor@chinaexpat.com

The new China Expat book “China Expat – The Best Writing Of The Past Decade” will be published in November 2010 and will be made available on this site.

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