Monthly Archives: August 2012

  • Must-Reads for the Chinese Anglophile
    Who Should Read ? Any Chinese woman married to a “businessman”.

  • Silhouettes of Peking
    Peking tires me, everything here is just a bit rotten. There are no real Chinese and the sight of all the round heads to which modern ideas have fitted that great invention of this century, the bowler, makes me sick.

  • Red Descendants, Too.
    Herein, a peep at the Hongerdai whose lives most closely resemble storylines from Dynasty.

  • The Red Descendants
    It’s true meaning is that you are short of the minimum standard 170cm mark, short of cash, and enhance your looks with cut-rate dye jobs, and an iPhone that everyone but your fellow diaosi knows is fake a mile off.

  • Dogs and Chinese Not Allowed
    The park existed for many years before it occurred to any Chinese that they should be admitted.

  • China's Richest Village
    Socialism has successfully incorporated nasty western economics and produced a community where everyone is rich.

  • Chinese Scandals - Sexy Enough For You?
    This scandal will have as much effect on the party’s stability as Bill Clinton’s spare DNA had on his.

  • Brothers in Verse: Two Legends of Tang Poetry
    I was fifteen before I could smile...

  • Jiufen - Boom, Bust, Boom
    Jiufen’s second boom came in the form of tourism, set off from a most unlikely source.

  • A Mongolian Summer
    Going in Search of the Original Horse Meat Steak Tartar - and How To Cook A Camel