Monthly Archives: June 2012

  • A Hongtong Tale
    It also reveals how you can always spot a true Han Chinese, if not his home province, if he’ll take off his socks for you.

  • Chinese Miracles
    This was something else, the sort of thing the stranger sees in horror movies rising from the wisps of fog – a vision of the weird city, weirdly lit.

  • Beihai - Yes, Beihai
    One day, and that day may never come, but if you’re a frequent flier then it well may: what happens when you at last tire from the wallowing, self-indulgent rut of Samui, Kuta, Poipu? Where do you go then?

  • China's Next Superhero
    Superpower: Late 60s-style jet pack and arm-mounted mini-rocket launchers.

  • A River Not Dammed
    During the whole of my trip, I, in my ridiculous foreign dress, never heard an uncivil word from one of them.

  • The Hani - All Natural at Work and Play
    Maybe it’s that much easier to be one with the land when the land is as gentle as Honghe.

  • Coming Out to China
    “It wasn’t a ‘she’,” I answered. “My lover was a man.” “You?” he responded with wide –eyed wonder. “And your lover, he wore the dress and earrings?”

  • True Tibetan Fire
    A wise man never resents with passion the abuse of the foolish. ~Boddhisatva Tachuang Yan Kinglun

  • Wuyi - Potable Chinese Nature
    A palace where emperors used to offer sacrifices to Lord Wuyi still exists, the way Abraham Lincoln still exists in Disney’s Hall of Presidents.

  • Chinese Alcoholism - Culture, Not Curse
    The avoidance of embarrassment and the concept of "face" are powerful forces against drunkenness.