Monthly Archives: May 2012

  • Red Road
    Those who would understand China’s split national personality must start with the color red.

  • Qiandao: Man-Made Chinese Nature
    Not all the dammed are condemned to hell.

  • Bananas and Eggs
    Take solace, if you can, in the strange case of two brothers, born and bred Chinese, but whiter than Howdy Doody.

  • Old Bones and Broken Feet
    He had the graves opened and found there two dried skeletons, which were all that remained.

  • What's Left of the Three Gorges
    For all that the hand-wringing over China’s biggest masonry project since the Great Wall has been well-intended, it is also largely hypocritical posturing.

  • Qiu Jin - The Stuff of Heroes
    Be careful who you idolize, lest you come to be like them.

  • Northern Girls
    Predictably, Hong’s bosom was most prominent among all the hotel employees.

  • China's Ten Richest Cities
    Should You Live There? Heavens no. Not for any but noble reasons, at least.

  • China's Top Female Folk Singers
    In an age when everything is manufactured cheap, shiny and disposable, buying into the same kind of music is an act of surrender.

  • The Glasses
    Of what earthly use could a pair of near-sighted glasses be to a rickshaw man?