Monthly Archives: April 2012

  • Dangerous Thinking - Early Qing Intellectuals
    Ideas have little currency in times when any fool can broadcast his to the world, almost any idea, even on China’s Twitter, Sina Weibo.

  • Wind from the East
    We have seen these ideals revived today among the Occupy Movements and calls for Horizontal Democracy that have emerged in response to the global economic crisis.

  • Ngawa - Classically Un-Chinese
    To learn that Ngawa’s full name is “Ngawa Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture” is to begin to learn how deep, diverse, and paradoxical China gets, for those who trouble to scratch the surface.

  • Expat Experts Pick the "Best" Chinese Cities
    Don’t let anyone talk you out of making the leap from your boring old western redoubt to some third tier Chinese city of just a few million, where you’re lucky if they know what breakfast cereal is, let alone sell it.

  • Begging for Happiness
    “American is very dangerous, isn’t it? It’s a place where dragons and fish are jumbled together."

  • The Water Festival and Real Buddhist Holidays
    We simply wish to shed some light on a once clear distinction, one that makes China’s Dai people water-splashers, while the Han majority avoid even rain like cats.

  • The Emperor's Horses
    Li Shi Min was Chinese enough to lead the Chinese, yet close enough to the nomads to lead the Turkic tribes who regularly threatened border areas in the northwest.

  • A Taste of Spring
    Such tea pickers, from remote, inaccessible regions, have fine distinctions in their looks and customs. The tea varieties have their distinctions, too.

  • The Chinese Abroad: Myanmar
    The West so far seems immune to the hefty political clout that inevitably grows in transplanted Chinese communities. Perhaps there is another brainy minority there that uses craft to make up for numbers, in the Game of Votes.

  • Her Verses: Modern Chinese Female Poets
    Her poem “Serves You Right, Turkeys!” compares the Chinese people to a flock of filthy, noisy, helpless turkeys destined to poverty, backwardness, and extinction.