Monthly Archives: March 2012

  • Chinese Table Manners
    The host helps himself last of all. If the chief guest, for any reason, should replace his chopsticks without taking anything from the dish, the other guests must do likewise.

  • China: The Roots of Madness
    “I didn’t know what he meant,” admits White, “but now I see that it was a prophetic remark, a vision of the apocalypse to come.”

  • The Many Ups and Downs of Yangzhou
    A lot of Chinese cities have nine lives or more, but few cling as neatly to the image of a withered man of consequence, recognized and appreciated only by a few fellow musty old souls.

  • Never Mind Waldo - Here's Liu Bolin
    Maybe if Liu Bolin were photo-shopping his work, then the future McDonald's manager would have a point.

  • Classic Hong Kong Smut
    You want some dirty Asian movies? Keep movin’ buster, this is a respectable site.

  • Anshun - Ancient Grudge, New Harmony
    If you visited Anshun today and were told this was an ancient Miao stronghold, you’d see no reason not to believe it. The people of Anshun still have their eastern Chinese accents, but aside from that, they’ve become hill dwellers, and gone Miao as much as Miao have gone Han.

  • Dirty Chinese Tattoos
    Poor Ai Ying was in an awful dilemma. She denied any previous intimacy, but who would believe her with those three characters tattooed on her wrist?

  • China's Belt Gets Bigger
    The premise here is merit-badge cities, not golf-clapping nostalgically for glory days.

  • On the Way to Lhasa
    Scorning Tuotuo is like scorning an old minority woman struggling to make ends meet.

  • Xi'an Without Warriors
    We’ve taken a superstitious old despot’s zany pottery project and made it the sine qua non of China travel.