Monthly Archives: February 2012

  • Give Up the Ghost Marriage
    Anyone monitoring this at the Chinese Ministry of Truth, before you take offense, Chairman Mao was against it too, no? This is part of the 75% he was officially right about, surely.

  • The Dragon Sutras
    Tibet always has been and always will be a part of China, but just to make sure the Tibetans were cool with that, Chinese kings employed every means to forge solidarity.

  • Taishan, or What's Left of It
    Hainan is a long bus-ride from Taishan, and at least there you can get some decent sushi for dinner after beaching about all day.

  • Niels Bohr and His Chinese Coat-of-Arms
    Niels Bohr was well aware of the parallel between his concept of complementarity and Chinese thought.

  • Red River, South of the Clouds
    A holdout, a secret, a gentle hideaway writ large, Honghe beckons the expat who has the time for an extended walkabout, and the refinement to avoid serious China wilderness-travel.

  • China's Billionairesses
    She surely gave birth to the Little Swan chain, since grown into a golden goose that lays hot-sauce spinoffs and craps hotels.

  • Bedroom Fengshui
    Those dumbbells in the corner may as well be concrete blocks to tie on the feet of your relationship, and throw into the East River.

  • Chinese Study Abroad: The First Three Waves
    Conservatives in the Qing Court dismantled the program in 1881 for being too un-Chinese. Remember that, conservatives.

  • Hu Ming's Army
    People are the only resource that matter, China. Half our resources are underutilized – put it that way.

  • Wood in the Water
    Herein a brief tale of how a little town went from muddy river bank to a place of great cultivation, a place you can easily visit today, after you’ve realized that the charm of Suzhou is best taken in through travel pamphlets.