Monthly Archives: January 2012

  • Ancient Chinese High-Tech
    What is apparently hard for the world to accept is that Asians had the technology to make such trips from ancient times. It isn’t a wild claim.

  • The Five Elements and You
    You pride yourself on being sharp, born ready, then lapse into melancholia when no one’s around, putting pants on only when the pizza arrives.

  • Waist-Drumming, A New Year Ritual
    Northern Shanxi manages to remain as close to the earth and skin of the teeth as when it served as terminus to the Long March.

  • China Moments
    Cultural clashes occurred nonstop; we called them “China moments.”

  • Kunqu Cliff Notes
    Valuable takeaways of Kunqu’s most famous works, for whatever few pieces of insight into the Chinese soul that Kungfu Panda missed.

  • Things to Do in Harbin When It's Cold
    Although it sounds like a penal colony, Ice and Snow World is in fact the ever-increasingly commercialized, Disney-aping nexus of the annual Harbin festivities.

  • Water Country
    How great the pleasure, how boundless the pride, that must have fired ancient Chinese hearts in spanning the network at every stretch with a bridge.

  • End of the Revolution
    That was why, ever since the Communists took over in 1949, Mao hadn’t stopped making fake smoke over fake fires.