Monthly Archives: December 2011

  • Not Another China Year in Review - 2011
    China Expat sees the good, sees the bad, and uses hope as a compass. With that we give you the stories of 2011.

  • Butterfly Lovers
    Heaven must have been smiling on them, allowing them to get away with stealing these forbidden fruits, at a time when boys and girls were not allowed to spend time in each other’s company.

  • A Dancing Holiday
    Unless you’re overly tipsy at the company Christmas party, there’s little chance you’ll ever get up and get down.

  • Winter Time = Kitchen Time
    Leave the stained table cloths and botched orders to the lazy. A half-hour in the kitchen and you can return to your computer distractions fresh, aglow with the satisfaction of having accomplished something offline.

  • Three Xinjiang Kingdoms - Make That Cities
    Today, dusty little cities scattered in the lee of Xinjiang’s capital, Urumqi. Korla, Kucha, and Hetian, today we in China speak condescendingly of their fruit, jade and rugs, saving our Uyghur comments for close company.

  • Judge Dee and the Poison Plums
    Your Honour had then connected Dark Orchid’s report about the General’s fourth wife having had an unsightly mole on her breast, with the reference in Ding’s poem!

  • Yunnan: A Fistful of Feathers
    For Vince and his kind, Yunnan’s avian edition of The Cute, the Bad, and the Ugly.

  • Beijing - New & Improved?
    A century ago, Beijing used to be choked, filthy, and drab. Today, it’s that and so much more. See for yourself.

  • China Expat Book Now Available Free on iPad
    China Expat’s highly popular recent book is now available for free download on your iPad!

  • A Timeline of Medicine Wine
    Someone finds a snake drowned in the alcohol vat, but in Iron Age China you keep both the baby and the bath water.