Monthly Archives: November 2011

  • Hard As They Say They Are - China's Bodyguards
    So when you’ve finally made it, and you know everybody wants it back, pick yourself a strapping country lass, with brick-layer wrists and a gaze like Ivan Drago’s.

  • The End of The Spice Road
    Along the Spice Road, a sea road, one discovers an Arabian presence, a bi-cultural melding, older than any crusade.

  • Hong Kong for the Non-Consumer
    It’s a simple paradigm for the Hong Kong tourist, on the face of things: shop or die.

  • Mandarin's Symbolic Power - A Quiz
    At the very least, you’ll come away knowing what to make of a monkey riding a horse.

  • Heroes of Sinology, Part I
    They gave their energies to exploring China’s finest and dustiest treasures when few gave a hoot in hell about the Sick Man of Asia.

  • Mao's Last Dancer
    The film’s impact lies in its ability to both engage and inhabit the heart of the viewer.

  • Three Shanxi Villages
    We don’t have the spirit to find the truth and beauty in Ningxia just yet, but let us pick another province, almost as dreary by reputation: Shanxi.

  • The Wisdom and Magic of Mandarin
    How can you say you hate the study of Chinese when you are Chinese yourself? Go look in the mirror if you have any doubts!

  • A Korean Kingdom in China
    The Goguryeans were always Chinese, as far as China’s concerned, leading to one of the most contentious and least-promoted world heritage sites in UNESCO’s portfolio.

  • China's Untouchables
    There’s certainly merit in the Chinese historical view of themselves as an oppressed people: subjected by Hun after Mongol after round-eyed devil.