Monthly Archives: September 2011

  • China Expat Book Launched!
    Free download as 10th anniversary gift to China expats home and abroad

  • Four for the October Holiday
    These four destinations are not for the China noob (Great Wall, West Lake, et al), but neither will they tax your ability to remain sound of body and culturally objectivist.

  • National Day Pictorial, 1973
    This isn’t a flogging – it’s an intervention. Let’s open your scrapbook to 1973, when you were twenty-four, still lean and mean, when Jack Ma was wearing short pants and a red neckerchief.

  • Human Glider Flies through Hunan Mountain
    Congratulations and insanity awards aplenty go to American wingsuit flier Jeb Corliss, who flew unaided at close to 80 mph through a hole in Tianmen Mountain.

  • Moving Image in China (1988-2011)
    Our realities are forged moment-to-moment on a two-dimensional screen.

  • Hainan - Besides the Beach
    You do want some Chinese culture with your Hainan holiday, don’t you? Otherwise, why on earth didn’t you go to Thailand?

  • Five Tribes from the North
    These minority folk from the North are known for neither technological innovation nor gloomy dispositions.

  • China's Rock Revival
    If the rock purist in you recoils, that’s good. Means we’ve got something here.

  • Strange Tales from a Chinese Studio
    Chinese masses, like all masses, past and present, want their ghosts, gore and scandalous romance.

  • Revisiting the Kingdom of Chu
    Don’t forget the many ancient kingdoms in China, kingdoms that were around a lot longer than sixty-odd years, shaped by nature, and forged by people who had ties of clan and fealty that went far deeper than red and yellow face paint.