Monthly Archives: July 2011

  • Snowflower and the Secret Fan
    Laotong contracts, secret Nu Shu writing, and the binding of feet are all interwoven with modern Hong Kong life in the film version of Lisa See’s book of the same title.

  • Before the Bird's Nest
    So here’s a tribute to that small, bright window of Chinese architecture, when designers played as wildly as kids expecting a birthday party.

  • Buddhist Explorers Part II: A True Journey to the West
    Particularly troubling to Xuan Zang was the dichotomy of the Greater and Lesser path: was one here to enlighten the world, or only himself?

  • English Premiership Soccer in Communist China, 1978
    West Bromwich Albion was catapulted onto the world stage as a result of their 1978 tour of China.

  • Women and Borders
    Han lads in those parts dream of connubial bliss with Yi girls, famed for their buxom beauty and open-heartedness.

  • The Top Chinese Long-Life Superfoods
    Fear of death, cosmically speaking, makes as much sense as the fetus’ fear of birth.

  • Because of That Mailbox
    Public order in the small town has not been too good lately. It is said that an unknown gang of robbers has been breaking into houses when the owners are at work.

  • Five Spiritual Chinese Sites
    You could do worse than a tour of China’s more spectacular religious sites, far flung and good for copious Facebook and Flickr cachet.

  • Wuyi Mountain
    A feeling of reverence comes easy in Wuyi.

  • First Art, then Great Art
    They’re a lesbian goddess couple, right? Sharing their bounty with the aid of diminutive but enlightened beings?