Monthly Archives: June 2011

  • Pop Quiz: Are You A Good Party Member?
    Thank Marx we were here to guide you all on a stable, harmonious path to economic prosperity, free of meddling imperialists.

  • Red Journalism
    Nearly a score of Chinese Communists were arrested and dragged shrieking down Legation Street and out into the Chinese city.

  • Inner Mongolia's Biggest Secret
    These are the ninety-odd days when it’s safe and pleasant for the modest of constitution to visit Inner Mongolia.

  • Are the Chinese Children of Noah?
    The first Chinese one was specially created, had the entire earth as his dominion, and wore the skins of animals, if that sounds anything like Adam.

  • The Princess Starts a Girls' School
    In this school she had a regular system of rules, which did not tally with the undisciplined methods of the Mongolians, and it was amusing to hear her tell how it was often necessary for the Prince to go about in the morning and wake up the girls in order to get them into school at nine o'clock.

  • Natural Hebei, Part II: Grassland & Forest
    Chinese Bambi enjoys 7300 hectares’ worth of lush vegetation, grass that you can romp through too, if you can do without wifi.

  • The Lesson of Vietnam
    If China is wise, it will learn from America’s lesson in Vietnam: never, ever mess with Vietnam.

  • Chinese Citizen, Beijing Illegal
    From 8 November 1995 to 10 January 1996, a small army descended upon a southern suburb of Beijing with a ‘final solution’ to deal with problems of illegality there.

  • Shanxi's Unpeopled Places
    even in China, where surveys say “crowded” comes to mind more readily than “polluted”, there is loads of space, lots of unmade beauty.

  • China's First Fashions, Part I
    Who here has the wisdom to learn from the old, truly old fashions, before the Chinese realized a swoosh was the only proper symbol to adorn the feet, LV’s cryptograms for bags?