Monthly Archives: May 2011

  • China's Dry Spells
    With the Yangtze River a dirty trickle, the grain belt it suckles parched to cracked husks, China must again gird its loins against an old enemy.

  • Cuanxiadi - A Horse Ride Away
    Beijing expats have that perfect destination in Cuanxiadi, a day’s horse ride west from Tiananmen Square.

  • Chengdu: A Gastronomic City
    In this age, the Chinese Everyman is a pepper-head

  • Trump's Top Ten
    We’ll give you the top ten, because let’s face it, you’ll never be able to say, "I know the Chinese. I've made a lot of money with the Chinese. I understand the Chinese mind." At least not with a straight face, puckered lips, and a penetrating stare.

  • British China Opium War Campaign Medals
    One of the legacies of being foreign in China is the dark history that immediately preceded the rise of modern history.

  • The Imperial Order of the Double Dragon
    Double Dragon medals - which could be had for US$3,000 15 years ago - are now regularly fetching sums well into six figures at auction.

  • 5 Chinese Celebrity Scandals
    Here’s a mantra to repeat: “I will not take actors seriously.”

  • Natural Hebei, Part I: Wetlands
    Here is a truth about Hebei: beauty abounds in its far reaches.

  • Between Worlds
    "The blood of your father has ruined you both. This is why I can buy you for such a low price, but that doesn’t mean I’m willing to lose my goods so easily.”

  • In Search of the White Pyramid
    This week, on CEX: In Search Of , we take you to China’s heartland, where tales of a vast white pyramid have obsessed foreign travelers since the early 20th century.