Monthly Archives: April 2011

  • Sex & Zen- 3D Ancient Erotica
    It’s a funny thing about sex in China. After all, there’s a reason this is the most populous nation; the number one indoor sport is not ping pong.

  • West on the Wall
    We truly hope the following pictures will inspire you to go West.

  • Mazu - the Princess of Tides
    Following, a repost to remind us that saints and saviors almost never get the thanks they deserve.

  • Twice Removed
    Although the scion of an old scholar gentry family, he did not go in for prostitutes or dog fighting and instead was keen on being modeng, at the time anything from overseas was modeng: the current translation for the word is “modern”.

  • China Culture Day and the Monkey King
    Now why would the UN, Quixotic crusader for world peace and brotherhood, want us to contemplate monkeys on China Culture Day?

  • Wind & Rain Bridges, Drum Towers
    Those used to seeing skyscrapers sprout like mushrooms in China, behind corporate construction gates, can scarce imagine the sense of pride and ownership a project like this conveys to the people behind it.

  • Women's Art - Green Power
    To that end, Beijing’s Imagine Gallery presents Nu Yishu – Viriditas.

  • Was Empress Cixi the Inspiration for Puccini's Turandot?
    Turandot displays traits not unlike the real life Empress Cixi. Did Puccini take inspiration from the infamous Imperial dowager?

  • Springtime for Sports in China
    More than three decades ago, China was still in the embryonic stages of amateur sport, the first realm of endeavor for a country with something to prove.

  • Remembering the Revolution
    Don’t worry; no dry historical exegesis to follow. But the Revolution of 1911 does make for a great story.