Monthly Archives: March 2011

  • Totems Originated In China
    For most people, the word “totem” conjures up images of the beautiful totem poles carved into wood by the natives of the Pacific North West. However, I believe the roots of this art and the belief system that goes along with it began in ancient China.

  • China's Public Buildings
    We’re interested in giving you a look at quotidian Chinese architecture, the kind you see when you’re nowhere special.

  • Chinese Soup for the Sick
    We’re not here to gripe, so much as explain why a whopping vernal cold is an annual rite of passage in China.

  • 60 Years of Slogans
    “Following Mao equals victory.”

  • A Tibetan Cure
    So what do you say, western paragon of modern science and better living through chemistry? Could the state of your all-too-solid flesh depend on the state of your soul?

  • My Morning Bike Ride
    I belong here, in the shabby run-down past. I like old stuff.

  • Wailing Moon
    Life was stranded, and it looked as though it would be that way for the rest of their lives.

  • Huanglong - The Yellow Dragon
    We owe you a trip to one of China’s purest spots.

  • 9 Indispensable Dongxis
    You want to know what the Chinese are really like? Don’t look in the papers; look in their homes.

  • Boycotting China
    We kick China out of the house on a dark Monday, two days after Christmas, while the children are asleep upstairs.