Monthly Archives: February 2011

  • Escape from Xue Mountain
    Way off yonder in a poor Chinese village, a day’s walk to a day’s bus ride to the nearest third-tier city, lived the Widow Wang, and her son, Xiao Wei.

  • Lijiang - Long Overdue
    Lijiang is a classic China destination, even at this late date.

  • "Welcome to Chinese University 101", Part 1
    Its 2011. Welcome to a University Campus in Mainland China.

  • Liu Xiaodong Goes Home
    That place that belonged to you is gone. And to see the old gang in their new plumage is downright creepy, when you think about it, high school reunion meets invasion of the body snatchers.

  • A First Resort
    After 89 short years, the Qing had built Rehe, their summer wonderland, 5.5 square kilometers of everything a refined Manchu held dear: hunting, harmony, and halls of Tibetan Buddhism.

  • Leave It to Teacher
    You hurt my feelings and insulted the whole Chinese nation when you called us a piece of crab.

  • Year of the Metal Rabbit
    You wanna know what the year of the Metal Rabbit holds for you? That’s an easy one. Tons of faffing about on the internet. The remaining 10% of your time? OK – here goes; we’ll take you animals on one by one.

  • The Year of the Tiger - What Really Happened
    You know who’s never bothered to have a World Expo? Finland.