Monthly Archives: December 2010

  • Sullivan
    He was an Irish sailor. He deserted his ship at Hong-Kong and took it into his head to walk across China.

  • The Secrets of Sexual Kungfu
    “Make love, not war,” says Master Tu, “but make love like a warrior.”

  • Lugu Lake - The Land of Women
    "People are obsessed with our walking marriage, not only because it's different, but also because it works."

  • The Last Sacrifice
    In this piece from Soul Mountain, Nobel Prize winner Gao Xingjian tells of the final ceremony of a dying Miao Master of Sacrifice.

  • The Japanese Go Home
    And now some black and white photos, to get beyond the black and white.

  • Four Chinese Champions
    In the recently concluded, virtually unreported Asian Para Games,you have athletes surely deserving of the title “world’s most determined”, man’s most inspiring quality.

  • Of Tigers and Injustice
    Power in China has often been as arbitrary as a typhoon, and just as cruelly destructive.

  • A Defensive Minority
    Their culture rivals China’s in age, and their aesthetic sense puts those of the more techno-dependent to shame.

  • The Lost Photos of China
    A stunning gallery of never before seen photographs from across the country

  • The Jews in China, Part II
    In the Jews' darkest days, China meant sanctuary.