Monthly Archives: October 2010

  • The Blue Faced Beast Battles in the Northern Capital
    Outlaws of the Marsh is the paradigm on which Chinese machismo, and all those overblown Zhang Yimou movies, are patterned.

  • It's All in the Reflexes
    Don’t get regular foot rubs in China in lieu of health insurance; do it because it makes you feel so darn good.

  • An Epic Tibetan
    The endless tale of a divine king, his triumphs and tragedies, have been depicted with painstaking detail on thangkas, beautiful ink-on-silk paintings.

  • Soy Sauce as Scientific Art
    Entitled “The Microscopic Beauty and Complexity of Life,” Wang Yanping was awarded tenth place in Nikon's competition for photography on a microscopic scale with his study of crystallized soy sauce.

  • China's 5 Most Beautiful Kidneys
    China still has some breathtaking wetlands, a haven for tourists and birds alike. Read on to see.

  • Three Famous Chinese Eunuchs
    Although deprived of their reproductive organs, all of the following Chinese men were indisputably male in deed, reminding us that we make far too much of our bodies, and little if anything of our spirits.

  • Shanghai vs. Beijing – Let’s Get Statistical (and have some fun)
    We look at some of the differences between Beijing and Shanghai in this ongoing intercity Chinese rivalry.

  • China's Dancing Queen
    China calls her a national treasure, but we’re not going to call her a dancer.

  • Black Chicken Power
    In all objective terms, the black chicken, an wuji in China, a Silkie elsewhere, is the go-to bird.

  • Chen Jiagang's Nightmare - The Dream Home
    Chen Jiagang finds little peace in our new age of shared superficiality. He knows China is locked in another struggle for its soul.