Monthly Archives: September 2010

  • Boss Qian and the Tumor - A Chinese Parable
    Boss Qian was taking his ease at the teahouse one day, when he spied Mr. Li and his comely daughter passing by, and instantly hatched an evil plan.

  • How Chaplin Charmed China
    His effect on and visit to China speak volumes about how little the China-Western cultural paradigm has changed, and how little it matters.

  • 1930s Jazz Waltzes Under Shanghai’s Bund
    Now that Shanghai’s Peace Hotel has been renovated in spectacular style, and the famous Jazz band lovingly re-installed, its time to reminisce about other aspects of Shanghai just close by that have now sadly been lost forever.

  • China’s Greatest Kleenex Flick
    Zhang Yimou is a master manipulator of emotions, and he comes up trumps again with “Under the Hawthorn Tree,” which is set during the Cultural Revolution and shot mainly in Sichuan.

  • Qingdao's 3 Must-Sees
    The clear air and seafood alone make just eating and breathing a pleasure, but we’d like to make sure you don’t miss out on the big three must-sees.

  • Dumb Boy Ah Tong
    Ah Tong, called by his family name, had a stubborn character well known in town, where everyone called him Stubborn Dumb Boy.

  • A Modern Look at China's Oldest Profession
    Up next for you: a brief but honest look at prostitution today in China.

  • Guilin, a Beautiful Lie
    Guilin is a lie. Better almost to forgo the bus rides and dodgy hotel showers, and just contemplate the postcards, to imagine what was and what will never be.

  • Welcome to the New Redesigned China Expat
    As our regular readers will recognize, China Expat has undergone an extensive overhaul and redesign to allow us to better provide content and search capabilities to our readers and users.

  • Throbbing- the Work of Liu Qinghe
    Given our sublime taste, China Expat would never (knowingly) bring you smut thinly veiled as art. Sensual Chinese art is another matter entirely.