Monthly Archives: August 2010

  • Jack London: China Futurist
    In 1910, Jack London wrote this short story about the late-20th-century invasion of China.It was in the year 1976 that the trouble between the world and China reached its culmination.

  • Second Tier Cities, First Tier Treasures
    The Museum of Liaoning's Western Zhou Wine VesselSomeday, and that day may never come, but then again it just might, you'll find yourself in a far-flung Chinese province, in a grand funk.

  • China's Rising Waters
    Too much or too little, always in China has it been thus. Especially with water - gasping seasons of drought, followed by deluge, disease, and famine. The Yellow River is called China's sorrow as often as its cradle, and the Yangtze has o

  • A Tale from the Snowfield
    -By Ma Duangang It was a week ago that I invited Fatty Ren, a southerner, to dinner in the Wailou Hotel. I had long heard that he had become rich by raking in almost half a million yuan from reselling fur.

  • Karamay - Black Oil and More
    A statue of old Salimu, Xinjiang's first oil man.Analogies are long gone from the SAT, America's college entrance test; the kids can't wrap their heads around them anymore.

  • Three Chinese Side Acts
    Someone's a few seconds away from being converted to doufu ru. Wow, that's quite a puddle of ketchup you've got with your French fries there.

  • Old Outsiders
    The author, in 1896, hidden among other Yangtze boat passengers. The passage through the thronged streets took nearly an hour, but all was quiet. I was not allowed to go to an inn, but was most kindly received at the Church Mission House,

  • Chongqing, More Than A City
    Skyscrapers rise like bamboo shoots in Chongqing It has the population of Iraq, and the land mass of Austria. So calling Chongqing a city is somewhat deprecating, like calling the Grand Canyon a crevasse, or Australia a South Pacific island.

  • The Tang Take on Businessmen
    No matter which side of the political fence you complain from, realize that business as usual has blighted the entire neighborhood. Big business, that is; forgotten genius Bucky Fuller proved as much.

  • Eating Wolf
    From Wolf Totem, by Jiang Rong Old Liu floored the gas pedal, and the vehicle shot out, from time to time leaving the ground altogether or careening on two wheels.