Monthly Archives: July 2010

  • A Beating for a Wife
    From A Tale of Big Nur by Wang Zengqi The older apprentices knew about the affair but kept it secret from the old tinsmith. They left the door unlatched for Eleventh Boy and oiled its hinges to muffle the squeaks.

  • Beijing - Stone, Water, and Trees
    The Sacred Mushroom Cypress, last remnant of a forgotten temple. In its latest incarnation, Beijing sprawls, a grimy goliath of cement, steel, and glass.

  • When a Billion Chinese Jump
    We are ruled by our fears as much as our dreams. "Sure enough," young Jonathan Watts' uncle would tell him, "if everyone in China jumped at the same time, the world would spin off its axis, into oblivion.

  • Chinese Without Tears: Learn 168 Chinese Characters in One Afternoon
    ~by Adriano LuccheseThis is the book for those of us who are daunted by learning the characters and the spoken language simultaneously. It's a fun and easy to digest way for those who use at least some Chinese daily, and it's a way

  • Making a Living in Old China
    A Geomancer dispenses fengshui advice. As unemployment roils the once complacent masses, let us remember the street peddler, for both perspective and inspiration.

  • Tibetan Supermen
    Most of us know a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. But a lot of knowledge can be even more dangerous, depending on the spirit of those who employ it.

  • Photos from China's Interregnum
    1931 - flooding turns Hangkou into a temporary Venice. Interregnum ~ a period of discontinuity of a government, organization, or social order.You're not indifferent to history , even if you protest so.

  • Sichuan's Supernatural Valley
    gazing over the shrouded valley, to the mountains beyond Sichuan's Leshan, "Happy Mountain", has that name for a reason. Believe what you like, that 70-meter Maitreya Buddha, enthroned by the river, radiates peace vibes that turn all on

  • Concubine Tales
    Were it evening time, and you a fly on the wall of a Tianjin hair salon, a Taiyuan living room, a factory dorm in Guangzhou, you would see the same: a soap opera playing to a rapt audience.

  • Qinghai - In the Middle
    Who says Qinghai is in the middle of nowhere? Fast food, brand boutiques, and wifi don't make a place somewhere; those places are everywhere. No, Qinghai is in the middle alright, of people and cultures so far off the WTO map that they