Monthly Archives: June 2010

  • The Forgotten Expats
    Clarence Adams in Revolutionary ModeThe truly educated take no joy in last week's admission by Xinhua that North Korea "started" it, the Forgotten War, sixty-years-old last week.

  • Village Girl, City Divorce
    From He Liyi's Mr. China's Son, a profoundly accessible account of an intellectual and his revolutionary re-education. Fortunately, in December 1954, a permanent job supported by the government was offered to her in the presch

  • Before America, Fu Sang
    The Everything Under Heaven MapPerhaps you find the Internet's bitter gift - the red pill, disillusionment - a little tough to swallow. Very well, take it in small nibbles.

  • China's Sex Doctor
    China's 1920s roared too, alright. While bobbed flappers in the West shimmied to wild jazz music, the new Chinese Republic struggled to ride wave after wave of revolution: political, cultural, and sexual.

  • Enough Snuff
    Snuff bottle from Beijing's 18th Century Imperial WorkshopsLooking for a way to kick that nasty smoking habit? Try snorting your tobacco, the way nature and the aboriginal Americans who first grew it intended.

  • Now & Zen
    What the world needs now, is Zen, sweet Zen. Perhaps China's greatest gift to the world, Zen was originally called Chan, but then that was just an attempt to pronounce the Sanskrit "dhyana".

  • A Cave Fit for an Emperor
    The site of Gaozu's first stand.Sorting garbage and turning off lights is all very good. But if we're going to get truly sustainable, we should go back to living in caves.

  • Going in China
    China is the world's largest producer of many things: rice, steel, casual footwear,... and granted its population, excrement. The latter product is not necessarily of concern to economists, but certainly to China travelers and expats.

  • Getting to the Gao Kao
    In Rome, it was the gladiator arena. In the Middle Ages, they had the gauntlet. In post-industrial China, lives and futures are decided on the results of its gao kao, the college entrance exam.

  • Wang Keju: No Cai Guoqiang
    And we mean that title with the utmost respect for both artists. Admittedly, we've been a one-site cheering squad for Cai Guoqiang these past few years - his vision, his willingness to push the envelope draws admiration from all who chafe fro