Monthly Archives: May 2010

  • That Old Chinese Religion
    Just why are we and the Chinese so different? Oh yeah, it has to do with China's ancient culture, so very removed from the Judeo-Christian tradition at the roots of Western ways.

  • A Grand Chinese Canyon
    Funny thing, the swarming streets of Chinese cities. You visit, and it's exciting. You move to China, and it's overwhelming. A few years later, and you can't imagine public life any other way.

  • Cai Guoqiang: China's Most Explosive Artist
    "There are countries where you have trouble finding oil paint, but I have always been able to find gunpowder wherever I went." A quick update on what firecracker Cai Guoqiang has been doing since blowing up cars and handling the pyrotechni

  • Dagu - Old Chinese Rap
    Someday, sooner or later, believe it or not, people will learn about their ancestors listening to rap and think, "How ridiculous!" No blaspheme intended: it happens to even the noblest art forms.

  • Disposable Chinese Gods
    You need to worship something. Whether or not it makes sense to your finite mind, reverence for the infinite begets compassion, wisdom, and true well-being.

  • Wages in Old China
    So you say you haven't had a raise since the Global Economic Crisis. Or worse, you've even taken a pay cut? That's really too bad; cue the weepy erhu music.

  • Guizhou: Rice and Silver
    Oh, for the love of...we totally flaked on the Sister's Meal Festival in Guizhou! Missed it by practically a lunar month. Sorry about that. What a party, and what a place - East Guizhou, as far from grubby old Beijing as the Blue Ridge

  • An Undercover Expat
    Mark Gayn. Looks like an up-front kind of guy, eh? OK, that title's a tad misleading, but we've got a theme here at CEX. What do you call a Russian Jew raised in China, but who later comes back as an American journalist? Never

  • Inspirational Expats
    So you don't like your prospects in post-crash America, and you want to come to China to get on the corporate fast -track? Great! But please don't.

  • Shanghai Expo Fun Facts
    Oh, to be in the middle of it all...The Shanghai Expo, like communism and time shares, looks great on paper, but you don't want to actually experience it.