Monthly Archives: March 2010

  • China's Forgotten Women Poets
    Be they wandering drunks, stately mandarins, or navel-gazing monks, Chinese poets have long been presented as a men's club, and little wonder. Up until the last hair's width on China's timeline, literate women were rarer than

  • A Real Expat Adventure
    The fiery-eyed Frederick Townsend Ward Sometimes it helps if you think of your time in China as an adventure, but it isn't. And just as well; real adventures happen to those in times of great upheaval, and try the soul far more deeply t

  • The Secret of Bama County
    Young people don't appreciate life because they have no concept of death. Once they reach middle age, see the first white hairs, feel joints creaking, they start realizing the ride eventually ends, and that maybe they should check both th

  • The First White Man in Yunnan
    The Author in Travel ModeBefore his Boxer Rebellion adventure, Ernest Morrison was the first white man to journey across China to Burma. Opinionated and racist, he gives a highly entertaining yet thought-provoking account of the trip.

  • Han Bing's Erotic Performance
    Sexual Fantasies of the KnifeReady for some titillation? Sorry, there's plenty of that on the internet without China Expat chipping in. Oh, now you're judging the suspiciously androgynous figure in the photo above.

  • A (Really) Old China Expat's Story
    -from On A Chinese Screen, a 1922 collection of essays and stories by literary giant W. Somerset Maugham. He was seventy-six years old. He had come to China when he was little more than a boy as second mate of a sailing vessel and had

  • Rebiya Kadeer - Dragon Fighter
    Of her childhood in the Heavenly Mountains, she has nothing but a story her father told her, a fable she would remember and come to embody. "One day, an ant met a bird."

  • China's Buddhist Explorers, Part One
    Faxian's 15,000 km routeImagine Columbus were a humble pilgrim, rather than an intrepid explorer. Forsaking conquest for respect, he would have truly given Europe a New World.

  • Running from the Chinese Police
    from Alone on the Great Wall, by William Lindesay, who spent 1986 & 1987 jogging its entire length. Late last night there were murmurings about the Gong An Ju, so I was up and away at dawn.

  • China's Snack Streets
    There's so much to see, and eat, in China that it's a shame to waste too much time in big, fancy restaurants. The fawning wait-staff and death-sentenced fish in their tanks will take the edge off the keenest appetite.