Monthly Archives: February 2010

  • A Ripple of Protest
    From Socialism Is Great, A Worker's Memoir of the New China, by Zhang Lijia "The students have taken to the streets!" Life lit up Big Zhang's sleepy eyes as he walked into our workshop one morning in mid-December.

  • An Ant's Tale
    From the "At least we're not China" files: an LA Times article about China's Ant Tribe, a massive new demographic of college-educated but marginally employed youth, living cramped and hand-to-mouth in China's rich cities.

  • West Lake - The Center Holds
    Autumn Moon on the Calm Lake Hidden villages and ancient ruins abound in China, and if you have the time and patience to actually visit some of them, more power to you.

  • A Forgotten Anniversary
    If you've done your touristic duty and milled about Tiananmen Square, do you remember your first impressions? We'll lay good money you weren't contemplating China's grand dynastic tradition.

  • The 15 Days of New Year
    You're going where for the Chinese New Year? No, no no no no. We've warned newbies before about the perils of traveling in China during the mass migrations .

  • Eating Monkey
    My mother has cooked for us: raccoons, skunks, hawks, city pigeons, wild ducks, wild geese, black-skinned bantams, snakes, garden snails, turtles that crawled about the panty floor and sometimes escaped under regrigerator or stove, catfish th

  • Daoqing: Tales from Blind Men
    The Yellow River is the Mother River, and her children fought endless battles in the western reaches, where She divides desert from loess. The harsh land soon destroyed all trace of their warfare, but daoqing, a special style of storytellin

  • Maleonn's Kingdom of Illusions
    from Maleonn's What Love IsYou can still make magic with photography. Of course, you need more than Photoshop. Some hereditary talent never hurts. Maleonn's father was the head of the Shanghai Opera, his mother a famous actress.

  • The Lost Souls of Amoy
    From Forty Years in South China, by Reverend John Fagg, an account of the Reverend John Van Nest Talmage, a missionary in Xiamen from 1847 to 1890. "This will account in part for the barbarous custom of infanticide which prevails to so

  • Chikan: Two Worlds in One
    "This isn't China," you might well say, should someone lead you off a plane in a blindfold, then remove it after bringing you to Chikan. "A Mediterranean town gone to seed, perhaps.