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  • Mushing Across Mongolia
    ~ by Karl Roahen The internet meteor shows "Shangai 4

  • Starving for Science
    The founder of the Earth Policy Institute avows "We are in the midst of the most severe food crisis in the world’s history." This news might not fire the imagination like pictures of a president bowing to a nominal emperor, but it holds painf

  • Six Generations of Chinese Cinema
    Don't raise your hand, just sit there and blink in pre-enlightenment if you thought Chinese cinema was born with Jackie Chan. In cold hard fact, movies were among the first barbarian magic tricks to make it to civilization.

  • China's White People
    And it came to pass that the Chinese drove the white people from their forest homes onto the plains. And the Tibetans came to rule over them, so that the white people did follow the tolerant Mongols down into the high mountains of northwester

  • From Kashgar to Taxkorgan : The Karakoram Highway
    The horse section of Kashgar Market ~ by Chris Devonshire Ellis Quite simply, one of the most stunning journeys you can undertake in China. Incorporating the highest freshwater lake in the world, some of it's most spectacular mountains,

  • Breaking Forecast
    All in a few hours daubing...Standing on his stepladder in proletarian garb, he was mistaken by most visitors for a workman doing a touch-up job. But in under two hours, with nothing but a Home Depot brush and a bucket of common black

  • Sanqingshan - Home of the Pure Ones
    There are more than a few mountains in China touted as the Daoist holy of holies. Not that it matters . To quote the sage Bruce Lee, "In order that the mind may function naturally and harmoniously it must be freed from all attachment to opposi

  • Goodbye to the River Goddess
    If you feel any chagrin at the recent confirmed extinction of China's river dolphin, congratulations. You're in that blessed minority of mankind who can afford to believe that Homo Reclinus can co-exist with other creatures at the to

  • The Man Who Stayed Behind
    Sidney Rittenberg with one of his commie buddies.Why is it that a list of famous western communists reads like the roster of your local B'nai B'rith? Divisive conspiracy theories aside, Jews born in the West are aliens in their own

  • Four Means More Than Death
    Notice anything missing?Most expats misinterpret the Chinese disinclination for the number four. Just because it's left out of elevators and hopefully phone numbers doesn't mean four commands taboo juju power over the Chinese hear