Monthly Archives: October 2009

  • Chengdu's Old Towns: No Hurrying or Worrying
    It still takes the more adventurous type of expat to go settle down in Chengdu. Despite reports of more bars than Shanghai with less than half the population, Chengdu is no hub of the WTO like Beijing or Shanghai, and hence perceived as somehow

  • Old Shanghai Antiques: Genuine Copies
    It's easy to forget that Shanghai had a great Opening Up long before the one currently transforming China. From the Treaty of Nanking in 1842 until WWII, Shanghai was the Chinese destination for making a fortune and finding all things

  • How the Main Mat Became the Chairman
    Long, long before the invention of the cigarette butt and the chopstick wrapper, Chinese ground was clean and inviting, good enough to sit on. Well, not directly on.

  • Just in Case: Xining
    You know you're on the fringes of China when you see lots of land and few people on it. Such is Qinghai, lonely buffer province between "China proper" and the exotic realms of Tibet, Xinjiang, and Mongolia.

  • The Many Moods of Chairman Mao
    The men who have shaped history - Napoleon, Genghis Khan, et al - all had vision, endless energy, and indomitable will. We mere mortals like to believe they were two-dimensional overachievers.

  • True Treasures of Hope
    Written by Suzanne MillerOn a cold February day more than three years ago, two children accompanied by caregivers, arrived at a train station in Dongguan from an orphanage in Jiangxi Province.

  • Anshun: Water & Stone
    Poorest province in China nothing. As though lack of factory towns should cause Guizhou to feel shame. There's some ruckus in Guizhou's capital, Guiyang, aimed at economic transformation, or at least a little respect from the East.

  • Three Faces of a Changing China
    No stock photo, this: infopreneur Diane Wang Ask someone from the West to name a Chinese person. Yao Ming and "that runner" will take more than half of the first responses.