Monthly Archives: June 2009

  • A Chinese Baby's First Birthday
    The Chinese understand gratitude. After eons of the masses grinding for a daily bowl of rice, they know counting clouds is a waste of time, and counting blessings the only way to keep going.

  • The Chinese
    In Five Minds for the Future, Howard Gardner, who coined the term ‘multiple intelligences', tells us what qualities will define successful people of the near future.

  • The Hidden Village of Guoliang
    In the heart of Henan's Taihang Mountains lies forgotten Guoliang Cun. Not entirely forgotten, of course, in China a "forgotten" destination can officially mean fewer than ten thousand visitors per day.

  • Getting to “I do”: The 6 Steps of Ancient Chinese Engagement
    Wedding season is in full swing here in China, and how lucky the brides and grooms. The degree of freedom they've enjoyed leading up to the nuptials would astound their forebearers.

  • 3 Calligraphy Masterpieces
    Zhao Mengfu's Autumn Colors on the QIao and Hua MountainsDarn those Chinese characters. Pictures for words? Where’s the logic; where’s the system? Then again, that’s why Chinese calligraphy is an art far and beyond any self-express

  • Foreigners Not So Welcome?
    He had no clue he was in danger when the beer bottle smashed into his face. He had been about to step into another cab ride home after another night's drinking at Sanlitun, Beijing's infamous bar street.

  • The Princess of Nebraska
    So the world is flat. And hot. And crowded. Even if we don't have Youtube right now in China,we have Youku. Here Paul van Dyk gets crowds as hip as in Berlin, hopped up on K, speed, coke, and pretty much anything else you'd find in

  • Wu Zetian - The Woman Who Became Emperor
    A woman ruling China. The mere thought of it flew in the face of Confucian fuddie-duddies and their "Mandate of Heaven" nonsense. Nonsense, because men rule wisely not by virtue of their male parts but in spite of them.

  • Li Keng - No Hustle, No Bustle
    If your only view of China came from the media, you might picture it as a massive ant colony with some freshly-poured honey on top. That's because most of the journos report from Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, the rumbling engines of China's

  • An Old Model Worker
    -by Ye DachunFrom the day he became an apprenti ce until the days preceding his retirement, Lao Mo fed coal to the boiler, for almost forty years. He made the boiler room his first home and seldom took a day off, so his wife deserted him